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SPNH is a multivariate copolymerization type drilling fluid loss agent made up of nitro humic acid.sulfonated methyl phenol resin. It has a certain viscosity reducing effect, good resistance to salt and temperature. It is suitable for all kinds of fresh and salt water drilling fluid system.

Product Applications:

This product has the functions of high tempe ratu re resistance,resistance to salt, reducing water loss, collapse prevention, Iubrication etc, It can form a thin and tough mud cake in the wall of well that b rings a good lubrication effect and maintains good rheological property. Thus it can be used in deep wells where temperature is as high as 200℃. It can significantly reduce water loss in salt water and fresh water and saltmud fluid. It is non-toxic and it does not pollute the environment. It can be directly added to various kinds of water-based drilling fluid system. The general dosage is 2.0% to 4.0%.

SPNH performance index:

black powder
Moisture %
Water Insoluble %
PH Value
Flat Rom Temerature
ml Fresh Water Mud
Sodium Chloride Mud
ml Fresh Water Mud
Sodium Chloride Mud
Apparent Viscosity
mpa.s Fresh Water Mud
Sodium Chloride Mud

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